$37 Prosperity Seminar Gifts $50 to Japan Relief

Randy Gage

Randy Gage has an impressive offer:

  1. attend his online prosperity seminar for $37
  2. Randy will donate $50 to Japan

‘The Prosperity Power is You’ by Randy Gage March 25th at 7 PM Eastern

  • how to manifest prosperity from the inside
  • why government squanders your prosperity
  • the three elements that create a prosperity cycle for yourself
  • why belief determines the actions you take
  • why your surroundings are never working against you
  • why you may belief there is a gain in being a victim
  • how to eliminate victimhood forever and
  • the 7 steps to creating true prosperity consciousness.

Invest $37, to pre-register for this individual seminar and you will receive an email notification with your invitation details.

You get: ‘The Prosperity Power is You’ online seminar
Randy donates: $50 to the Japan relief effort (your $37 plus another $13).

Note: You are not required to register for 12 virtual seminars for $297. When you visit this link, scroll down until you see the $37 individual seminar selection

Randy Gage individual prosperity seminar selection

>> click here to register

FYI, here’s the original link to Randy’s offer ‘Bringing Prosperity Back to Japan’