Atlas Shrugged the Movie

Atlas Shrugged book cover

Ayn Rand was the pen-name for, Russian born, Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum (19050120—19820306), a famous author. Her devotees praise her as a great philosopher.

I first heard about Rand’s best-known book, Atlas Shrugged, when I was ten years of age. My father attempted to read Atlas Shrugged, but abandoned it. I picked it up one day, but quickly discovered it wasn’t my usual comic book material.

Rand described her novel’s thesis as “the role of the mind in man’s existence and, as a corollary, the demonstration of a new moral philosophy: the morality of rational self-interest.”

I didn’t read Atlas Shrugged until I was in my late forties. Bluntly, I wasn’t impressed and found it more than a little depressing. From my vantage, there was an absence of goodness in Rand’s writings. Objectivism and individualism can be good things, but self interest is often taken too far. Doing good for yourself alone can be bad for others and even bad for the rest of the world. There’s a desirable middle ground to be found and explored that lies between altruism and individualism. I find myself grinning when some Conservatives revere and embrace Rand’s financial philosophies, but ignore her other ideas, ideas like ‘Atheism.’

Atlas Shrugged the Movie: Here’s the trailer.

I won’t be surprised if a few network marketing leaders attempt to use the movie to promote self-interest as a viable philosophy. Making a difference requires more than self-interest, let’s not forget that the ultimate goal is to help other people.

Update: I’m no longer involved with network marketing.