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Do you have a WordPress blog or website? I’ll bet you’ve spent a lot of time selecting-customizing your WordPress theme, plugins, widgets and let’s not forget all the hours you’ve you spent composing and publishing your journal entries?

Q: “Have you backed everything up?”

WordPress backup doesn’t have to be complicated, painful and incomplete. Have you heard of BackupBuddy?

BackupBuddy is an all-in-one solution for WordPress backup, restore, and migration. It’s not a simple MySQL backup plugin, it’s a full backup for your theme, widgets, plugins and your whole WordPress package.

My story: I first heard about BackupBuddy on the Genesis Framework forum. When I visited the BackupBuddy website it was immediately clear that this, potentially very useful, time-saving, WordPress plugin has had major difficulties executing with GoDaddy hosting and apparently some significant hiccups with the Dreamhost servers. Unsurprisingly, the BackupBuddy folks have a suggestion, they recommend a specific web host, HostGator. Although I’m aware that HostGator has an excellent reputation and serves over 4,000,000 websites, I’ve been very satisfied with ICDSoft, for many years. ICDSoft has always been an incredibly reliable web host, has provided new-website setup info in a flash and has responded to all my questions lickety-split. I decided to contact both ICDSoft and BackupBuddy support before seriously considering implementing BackupBuddy. ICDSoft replied that their servers met the BackupBuddy requirements listed here. BackupBuddy support wrote, “We checked out the FAQ’s on BackUpBuddy and we can’t find anything that indicates any problems.”

My test: Install BackupBuddy on one of my websites.
Outcome: I was delighted to discover that BackupBuddy ICDSoft is a terrific combination for WordPress backup.

Bottom Line: BackupBuddy functions perfectly, for me, on the ICDSoft servers. I now have five WordPress sites backed up to the ICDSoft servers, to Amazon S3 and to my home computer.

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Note: ICDSoft quietly hosts over 100,000 domains. ICDSoft doesn’t have flashy marketing, in fact, they don’t even have a corporate sales force. They’re simply very reliable and always helpful. BTW, if you happen to have more than one website, ICDSoft offers terrific discounts.

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FYI, my setup: Mac OS X, Genesis Framework for WordPress and ICDSoft hosting.

Disclosure: BackupBuddy, Genesis, HostGator and ICDSoft are affiliate links.

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wordpress backup is a very important part especially for newbies