Blogging with the Marked App

Marked App: Markdown Preview for any text editor.

Marked App icon

Do you use a Mac? Do you have a blog? Have you used Markdown? If so, there’s a new OS X app new you need to check out. It’s called Marked.

“Marked opens MultiMarkdown, Markdown, Text or HTML files and previews them as HTML documents. It watches the file for changes, updating the preview any time the file is saved.”


  • works with any editor (I’m using TextMate)
  • floating preview
  • a number of preview styles
  • document statistics

Marked app example

I just select ‘Copy HTML’ and then paste the code into my WordPress HTML editor. Voila a new post is ready to go. All I have to do is to tweak the SEO fields.

>> learn about the Marked app

I’ve previously written about nvALT an earlier app from Brett Terpstra, but the beauty of the new Marked app is that it works with any text editor. Brett doesn’t have to keep up with the changes to Notational Velocity and users choose their favourite text editor; the Marked app does the rest.