Car Commercials – Ads That Work

KIA Optima commercial

What does it take to get the attention of consumers when you’re introducing a new car in 2011. Here are two commercials, one from KIA and one from VW, both run for a minute. Both are creative, but…

which one is more memorable?

The ‘simple’ VW ad apparently gives more people a warm fuzzy feeling, than the much more complex KIA spot.

KIA less than 50,000 views (20110207 at about 1500 hrs)
VW more than 16,000,000 views (20110207 at about 1500 hrs)

Although this comment may be a stretch, I suspect there’s a message here for network marketers who feel obliged to make other worldly claims. Ads that work can be simple if they have an honest emotional appeal. I enjoyed both ads, but I Tweeted the VW commercial.


  1. I think most memorable are VW commercial,Its true it so warm looking.The theme are unique.I love it.