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Do you have an online business? Have you been searching for a WordPress Premium Theme for your blog? If so, you’ve likely already discovered Thesis theme, Genesis Framework, Frugal theme, Headway theme and perhaps WooThemes’ Canvas theme. Does your head have room for a new addition to your theme prospect-list? There’s a new WordPress premium theme from the brilliant guys that developed the FrugalTheme, it’s called Catalyst.

Here are just a few Catalyst theme features:

  • rock solid search engine optimization (SEO)
  • clean, fast, efficient, HTML5 validating code that provides a powerful foundation for the ultimate WordPress website
  • the most comprehensive font control offered in a WordPress theme
  • full integration with the Google Font Library API
  • built-in image uploader
  • comprehensive documentation that’s built right into the theme options
  • two included child themes for different levels of design control
  • powerful import/export options (including the ability to export full blown child themes)
  • automatic updates (no more manually installing zip files every time a new version comes out)
  • unlimited custom layouts, custom widgets and custom hook boxes
  • tons of both coding & no-coding design options
  • a custom css building tool that writes custom code for you
  • a pure framework filled with custom hooks and filters
  • 4 custom widgets: excerpt widget, author bio widget, ad widget and a php text widget
  • new “outside of the box” page templates offering you more control when you need it
  • full WordPress 3.x compatibility


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Catalyst Theme Dynamik options

Catalyst Theme tooltips

Catalyst Theme CSS Builder

Catalyst Theme

There are two offerings, Catalyst Personal and Catalyst Professional, both offerings include:

  • Catalyst Theme: The core framework
  • Dynamik Child Theme: hundreds of design options, the Image Uploader and powerful Import/Export options
  • Basik Child Theme: If hundreds of design options is overwhelming, you’ll find Basik, with its limited design option set, more approachable
  • 20+ Importable Skins: Easily importable designs to get you started
  • Unlimited Members-Only Forum access
  • Catalyst updates for life.

Catalyst Personal $97 No restrictions on the number and location of installations. No more Client Site fees or footer credit restrictions. You just purchase the theme and then use it however you like.

Catalyst Professional $174

>> discover Catalyst, an amazing WordPress premium theme framework

>> Check out the Dynamik child theme for the Genesis framework

Something New (20110118)

Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet cover

It’s now easier than ever to put the Catalyst Theme to work for you. The Catalyst folks have just made The Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet available to all Catalyst Users, completely free of charge. The Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet is over 170 pages of great content, available as a downloadable PDF, designed to help you maximize the results you get when using the Catalyst Theme.


  1. If anyone’s interested in seeing what Catalyst can do, I’m going to do a “showcase” site when it’s released (and after I’ve had a practice with it!). It will be here:

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