Essential Mojave Apps

New year, new version of macOS, new ‘Essential Mojave Apps’ list for 2018–2019: Essential Mojave Apps from Identified Developers 1Password Alfred AppDelete Audio Hijack Bartender BBEdit BetterZip Boom 3D Carbon Copy Cloner Choosy ColorSnapper 2 Espionage Firefox Fission Marked 2 ForkLift Highland 2 Moom Name Mangler NordVPN OmniGraffle Pro OmniOutliner PDF Expert TableFlip TextSoap Vellum … Read more

The Perfect Markdown App

Have you invested valuable time testing markdown editors? Of course you have, web authors are predisposed to an endemic syndrome, we’re always looking for the perfect markdown app. My markdown writing finalists are: BBEdit Bear Byword Focused Highland 2 MultiMarkdown Composer 4 Texts Typemetal (not really a markdown app) Ulysses and my favourite helper apps … Read more