Yep: Organize Your PDFs

Have you ever asked yourself, “How can I organize all my PDFs?” Consider using Yep. On first launch, Yep locates all the PDFs on your Mac, and shows them to you in a simple iPhoto-like interface. Yep then displays your PDF documents in one place. It’s a simple, intuitive, but amazingly powerful, PDF management system. … Read more

Daylite Makes Productivity Fun!

Has anyone ever engineered a computer software program just for you? It feels like Marketcircle did exactly that when they released version 3 of Daylite. Daylite fits my business needs perfectly. I’m told there are approximately 13,000,000 network marketers in North America. If we assume they all own a computer and we accept that Apple’s … Read more

Mac OS X – Browsers and Bookmarks

When I last wrote about my use of web browsers and bookmarks in Mac OS X I was actively using Camino, Firefox, OmniWeb, Opera, Safari and testing Shiira. I’m no longer using OmniWeb, Opera and Shiira. Safari has become my primary browser. I use Firefox or Camino, in the increasingly rare circumstance, when I encounter … Read more

In Praise of SuperDuper!

I use SuperDuper! to maintain a fully bootable backup of my iMac. A couple of weeks ago my iMac G5 decided it was tired and began to unceremoniously shut itself down. Faced with potential disaster, I simply connected my PowerBook G4 to my FireWire backup drive, booted from the external drive and continued to work … Read more


I’m a fickle Mac browser user. I have the latest versions of Camino, Firefox, OmniWeb, Opera, Safari and Shiira in my applications folder. Safari and Firefox get used most frequently. A couple of my browsers have half-decent bookmark management, but I have also used Bookit,, FURL and URL Manager Pro to synchronize my bookmarks. … Read more

Who Will Win?

I loved watching Joe Montana and Michael Jordan. They both have big hearts, love the game and wanted the ball in the final minutes. I prefer proven veterans to rookies. I’ve never been able to comprehend why rookies receive huge contracts. That said, I’ve just paid for TextMate even though I own version 8 of … Read more

Macs Are Fun

My deal is to be happy and to try to help others be happier. Can computers and computer software help people live happier lives? Although the initial purchase of a computer is almost always an exciting, full-of-promise, time, I suspect that many, perhaps most, people quickly become frustrated with their new machines and eventually lose … Read more


When I was a med student I enjoyed watching the engineering students play with their punch cards; for whatever reason, these crazy guys would curse and then throw piles of their cards in the air. They did it, for me, over and over and over again. Later, I watched my father play with a little … Read more