Coda™ is brilliant!

Have you ever watched ABC TV’s ‘Extreme Home Makeover?’ If so, were you struck by how many times the family members said, “Oh, my God!” when they viewed their new home for the first time?

A company called Panic presented me with a new home, of sorts, yesterday. My home is a new Mac OS X program they’ve named Coda™. When my new home was revealed, I found myself saying things like “Wow,” “Neat,” “What Fun” and I’ll bet I even said, “Oh, my God!”

Panic describes Coda as ‘one-window web development.’ Coda helps me organize, visualize and conceptualize my web sites. I can edit, upload and download. Coda even teaches me about HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. Coda does all sorts of impressive things, but I’ve discovered that the very best thing Coda does for me is that it facilitates my productivity.

The good folks at Panic clearly had a web site coding epiphany; one of those ‘Duh’ moments. Perhaps that’s why they called their new baby ‘Code Duh.’ Coda is brilliant! Click here to check out Coda for yourself.