Daylite Makes Productivity Fun!

Has anyone ever engineered a computer software program just for you?

It feels like Marketcircle did exactly that when they released version 3 of Daylite. Daylite fits my business needs perfectly.

I’m told there are approximately 13,000,000 network marketers in North America. If we assume they all own a computer and we accept that Apple’s Macs make up 6% of those computers, that means at least 1,690,000 Mac users should be lining up to check out Daylite as soon as possible.

Daylite is a very impressive, powerful, information-management tool that sports a gorgeous Mac OS X interface. I’m amazed how much I’ve accomplished in my first week using this software.

That said, it gets even better. Marketcircle’s DMI (Daylite Mail Integration) module achieves seamless integration with Apple Mail. I’ve concluded that Daylite used in combination with DMI is simply brilliant! I easily crafted 22 letter templates that allow me to quickly respond to my new customers and team members.


A long time ago, I purchased the very first release of Daylite. I quickly decided that, although it showed great promise, it simply wasn’t ready for prime-time. Later, I purchased Now Up-to-Date and Contact, OD4 Contact and recently SOHO Organizer. None of these packages delivered exactly what I was looking for. I even tried a kludged together ‘solution’ that made use of a combination of Apple’s Address Book, MailTemplate, Serial Mail and iClip.

A week ago, I decided to give Daylite another whirl. I’m really glad I did. Wow, as you can tell, I’m truly delighted with the new Daylite! I look forward to discovering more of Daylite’s potential in the years to come.

My recommendation: Test Daylite to see if it fits your business. Take advantage of Marketcircle’s 30-day free trials of Daylite and DMI.

Update: I’m no longer involved with network marketing.