Dynamik Home Business Website Bliss

Dynamik Theme for Genesis Framework

Anyone who manages their own home business website will question my title for this post, because, as we all know, every website is capable of creating an occasional headache. That said, three straightforward steps will enable you to experience home business website bliss, or something very close to it.

Background: I’m a big fan of simple solutions, but a home business website also requires a lot of flexibility, top-notch security and it needs to exhibit more than a little elegance. When my WordPress adventure began, I chose an attractive, free theme that I later discovered contained malicious PHP code; not a good thing. My first WordPress premium theme was Frugal, which eventually became Catalyst. Although I was thrilled with the flexibility that Catalyst’s child theme, Dynamik, offered, I ended up switching to the Genesis Framework. I made the switch because of rave reviews by a couple of business owners I respect and because of comments made by high-profile gurus Matt Mullenweg, Mark Jaquith and Jay Baer. Recently Eric Hamm, the brilliant developer of Catalyst, released the Dynamik theme for the Genesis Framework. Dynamik and Genesis: Two of my favourite WordPress things, together at last. Dynamik is a website tweakers paradise, but more about Dynamik a little later… first, let’s get back to the three straightforward steps to home business website bliss:

  1. Choose to host your own WordPress blog
  2. Order the Genesis Framework from StudioPress
  3. Order the Dynamik theme for Genesis

Dynamik theme for Genesis Framework

Millions and millions of people, worldwide, use WordPress, the WordPress developer community is huge and help is really easy to find. Genesis has quickly become “the industry standard of design frameworks”, it’s secure and SEO friendly. The Dynamik child theme for Genesis completes the WordPress puzzle. Dynamik offers maximum flexibility to folks, like me, who want to tweak their website’s design, but who do not posses CSS expertise. The following short video will give you a glimpse of the options Dynamik brings to the Genesis party.

>> check out the excellent Dynamik for Genesis website

Tip: When you visit the Dynamik website be sure to click the ‘Features’ tab.