Enthusiasm for Network Marketing

Don’t you wish you could bottle ‘enthusiasm for network marketing’, the ‘on fire’ emotion that new distributors exhibit the day they decide, “I’m in!” and they join your company?

As it turns out, new distributors quickly discover that:

  • many people have negative preconceptions about network marketing and relatively few people are willing to consider joining the network marketing profession
  • of those who do “join us”, some become discouraged and quit.

Q: Is there a way to reduce attrition (number of people who give up)?
A: Yes, there are a number of ways. Here’s one, have new team members focus on the process, not just on their results:

Rick Hagar

Rick Hagar is a full-time network marketer who has previously built an organization of over 200,000 associates (team sales in the tens of millions). In the video, Rick briefly mentioned the ‘Law of Averages’, if there’s a secret in network marketing, S.I.N.A.L.O.A. (Safety In Numbers And Law Of Averages) is it. If you reach enough people, you will build a team and with persistence your team will very likely become huge.

FYI, I first learned about S.I.N.A.L.O.A. from Lawrence Thompson, who, surprisingly, is still most famous for his success at Herbalife.

Update: I’m no longer involved with network marketing.