Essential Mojave Apps

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New year, new version of macOS, new ‘Essential Mojave Apps’ list for 2018–2019:

Essential Mojave Apps from Identified Developers

Essential Mojave Apps from the Mac App Store

and here are my

Most Frequently Used Essential Mojave Apps:

Most frequently used essential Mojave apps

Changes for 2018—2019 (most applications are still being optimized for Mojave)

Decades ago, most of my applications came from Adobe, Apple and Microsoft. Today, I’m a big fan of macOS native apps from smaller, indie developers. Every year, I replace a few of my ‘Essential’ applications. This year, there were more than a few changes.

Easy end-to-end encryption attracted me to Canary Mail, but I soon discovered Canary clears my inbox quicker than other email clients.

Cardhop is a vast improvement over Apple’s Contacts.

I have two browsers in my applications’ folder (Firefox and Safari). I almost always use Safari, but I use Choosy to quickly switch to Firefox when a video is giving Safari trouble.

I do almost all of my writing with BBEdit, but sometimes I’m lazy. Highland 2 is for those days when I crave keyboard shortcuts for markdown.

NordVPN because it’s 2018.

Pixelmator Pro is my goto option when I’m too lazy to look up how to do something with Affinity Photo.

TaskPaper hasn’t had much love recently. Things 3 just keeps getting better.

I’d like to thank all the dedicated macOS developers who make my time at the computer easy and fun.

Essential Mojave Apps Update 20180726

Every year, when Apple updates macOS, I thoroughly review all of the apps I’m using. This year, shortly after I published ‘Essential Mojave Apps’, I made a couple of last minute purchases:




There’s something compelling about Bear. Sure, it’s gorgeous, but it’s also eminently useable and useful. Isn’t that the definition of great design?

A previously purchased mind mapping application sat unused in my applications folder. I started using MindNode immediately. To my great surprise, I’m not just an outlining guy, the colourful map helps. My imagination engine is gleeful.

When my outliner glitched with the beta of Mojave, I discovered Outlinely. I like it, a lot. There’s loads of potential here.