Global Network Marketing

A global vision and world plan

It doesn’t matter whether you call it global network marketing, international network marketing or worldwide network marketing, it is the future.

Seven to eight percent of the world’s population lives in North America and just five percent in the US (world population is over 6,700,000,000 – North America is about 528,720,000). The vast majority of the world’s population lives in Asia. Once upon a time Asia was perceived as poor, that’s changing very quickly.

The fifty-year history of network marketing companies:

  • company starts in the USA
  • company suggests they will be the next billion dollar company
  • expansion to Canada happens a year or two later
  • attrition increases, new products are added in an attempt to retain the base
  • when attrition gets really bad the company expands to Australia and New Zealand
  • many companies die a slow death shortly thereafter

I’m convinced that massive, personal, financial success in 2010 and beyond will depend upon selecting a network marketing company that has a global vision hard-coded into its DNA.

Can a very young, network marketing company succeed in today’s international marketplace?

I’ve chosen a company whose President has twenty years of corporate-executive experience, building internationally, for two network-marketing-industry giants. I’m convinced our company has the management, infrastructure and resources to succeed and thrive globally for many decades to come. Network marketers worldwide should be keeping an eye on this one.

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Update 20111104: I’m no longer involved with network marketing.