Hope Junkies

I had a fellow call me today about his “exciting business opportunity.” So, why am I making a big deal out of his phone call? Well, he called me last week about a different “exciting opportunity” and he’s no longer with that one. There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of ‘deals’ out there and, bluntly stated, most of them don’t work and they never will. Sadly, tens of thousands of people are jumping from one deal to the next and they’ve been doing it for many years. Most of these people are broke, or close to it and, often, they didn’t start out that way. I’m convinced these well-intentioned people have become ‘hope junkies.’ New opportunities give them hope, at least for a few weeks, sometimes even for a month or two. Unfortunately though, these folks have real difficulty when the rubber meets the road and they seldom, if ever, earn any money.

My mentor has done three businesses, in the last thirty years, and he has earned millions of dollars.* He chose to leave AM___. The second company unexpectedly declared bankruptcy. He has been building his business with the third one for eleven years. Today, he is actively building a very successful, new, wholly-owned subsidiary.

Consider trying something new:
– before you join a new business, decide to work it for at least one year.

If you have a long-term outlook and are willing to persist, consider joining us; I know it will be worth your time and effort, it has certainly been worth mine!

* You may not do as well.

Update 20111104: I’m no longer involved with network marketing.