HTML5 Markdown

HTML5 Markdown

Fans of HTML5 and Markdown might enjoy Dillinger. It’s a free, online option for markdown composition and preview.

>> check out Dillinger

Note: Not Mac OS specific, if you have an HTML5 capable browser, you’re good to go.


  1. adam says:

    Hi Frank, I am basically trying to wrap my head around what exactly is HTML5 markup, and how it is typically used. Could you give us a general overview of what a typical use case for Dillinger is and in what situations it’s normally used? Is it mainly to speed up html development for developers, or an easy way for non-programmers to markup webpages and if so do you know of any html5 cms’s that have dillinger, or equivalent project built in to the cms?

  2. A number of CMSs have markdown composition built-in and most of the rest, including WordPress, offer markdown plugins. If like me, you value a plain text workflow and appreciate an easier way to compose HTML, you’ll find markdown helpful. I use OS X and I prefer native programs for markdown composition and preview; my favourites are Byword and Marked. Dillinger is an option for folks who like to do everything in their browser.