In Praise of SuperDuper!

I use SuperDuper! to maintain a fully bootable backup of my iMac. A couple of weeks ago my iMac G5 decided it was tired and began to unceremoniously shut itself down. Faced with potential disaster, I simply connected my PowerBook G4 to my FireWire backup drive, booted from the external drive and continued to work as if nothing had happened. My iMac was away for a week; it took awhile because replacing the power supply didn’t help, it was actually a logic board problem. Yesterday, I was back to the twenty inch screen after using SuperDuper! to update my iMac from the FireWire drive.

Many thanks to Dave Nanian and Bruce Lacey at

My family has owned twenty Macs in the last twenty-three years. My Macs have lived charmed lives, I’ve never paid to have a Mac fixed. I have had three hardware problems; all three occurred in the last six years. My original AirPort Base Station failed and was replaced free of charge long after the warranty had lapsed. My daughter’s iBook had a logic board problem that Apple fixed without cost to me; again, after the warranty had expired. Last week my iMac G5 required a visit to the computer technician (see first paragraph) and was repaired under warranty.