It’s Not About You

It's Not About You book cover

It’s Not About You
A Little Story About What Matters Most in Business

An all-new, inspiring parable from bestselling authors Bob Burg and John David Mann. If you’re a network marketer or business person who enjoyed ‘The Go-Giver’ and ‘Go-Givers Sell More’ you’ll love their most recent collaboration.

“In this story, as we re-visit Pindar’s town, a few familiar characters from The Go-Giver show up again, along with some brand new ones. The book’s lessons — expanding on Law #3: The Law of Influence from the original story — touch on influence and leadership, business and parenting, even life and death. We hope it will change the way people go about pursuing personal and business success.”

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“This book captures the essence of life and leadership. I recommend it!”

“A manifesto for twenty-first-century leadership.”
— DARREN HARDY, publisher of Success magazine

“IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU reveals the same philosophy we have at Zappos: Get out of the way, so your employees can lead the way.”

“I LUV this book.”
— COLLEEN BARRETT, President Emerita of Southwest Airlines

About the Co-Authors:

Bob Burg photo
Bob Burg

Bob Burg @BobBurg is an author, speaker, defender of free enterprise and an empowerment thought leader.

John David Mann photo
John David Mann

John David Mann @JohnDavidMann is a composer, concert cellist and prolific, multi-award winning author.


  1. Thank you, Dr. Frank. Greatly appreciate your very kind post regarding John David Mann’s and my newest book! With gratitude – Bob

  2. My pleasure Bob, thank you for your exceptional work and thanks for dropping by.