Mac OS X – Browsers and Bookmarks

When I last wrote about my use of web browsers and bookmarks in Mac OS X I was actively using Camino, Firefox, OmniWeb, Opera, Safari and testing Shiira. I’m no longer using OmniWeb, Opera and Shiira. Safari has become my primary browser. I use Firefox or Camino, in the increasingly rare circumstance, when I encounter a web site that’s problematic for Safari.

My bookmark management scheme has also changed; I no longer use URL Manager Pro. I synchronize my Safari bookmarks with Camino and Firefox using a nifty little app called Bookit. I maintain 15 links in my bookmarks bar and about a hundred more in my browsers’ bookmarks. These days I’m using WebnoteHappy to keep track of the thousands of other interesting sites I come across. WebnoteHappy is one of those delightful OS X apps that just feels right. It makes you feel, well… happy that you’re using a Mac.

– Take notes and tag web pages
– Find your webnotes with an iTunes-like search
– Integrated with
– Navigate your tags with the Tag Browser
– Organize your webnotes within Folders
– Create Smart Folders – like Smart Playlists in iTunes
– Open the associated web page for any webnote
– Import from Safari to better manage your bookmarks
– Merge duplicate bookmarks when importing from Safari
– Import from and export to XBEL
– Export to a bookmarks file
– Works with all major web browsers on OS X

I picked up a family license for just $29.95. Check out WebnoteHappy for yourself.