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Recently, new Mac OS X Markdown apps arrive weekly, if not more often. Today’s most notable arrival is called Mou, the missing Markdown editor for web developers. Mou’s author lives in China, so I’m guessing that Mou isn’t short for Memorandum of Understanding. Perhaps Chen Luo @chenluois, the author, or someone else, will let me know if Mou actually sounds like a word in Cantonese or Mandarin; or at least, where the inspiration for the app’s name came from. Update: Chen Luo commented, “‘Mou’ in Chinese Pinyin pronunciation sounds ‘More’ in English. :)”

After downloading Mou, I was immediately impressed by the syntax highlighting, live preview and an impressive list of keyboard actions.

Mou keyboard actions

Interestingly, I wrote Chen Luo, shortly after midnight his time, to let him know that I find Byword app’s Cmd + K keyboard action very handy.

  1. Cmd + K
  2. inserts the currently selected text as the ‘label text’
  3. places cursor between the ‘destination link’ brackets

Fifteen minutes later, he replied, “That’s easy to implement. :)” and less than a day later he implemented both the new ‘Make Link’ (control + shift + L) and ‘Make Image’ (control + shift + I) actions. Very impressive!

Mou’s Press Kit says,

Mou is different: It’s for web developers.


  • Syntax highlighting
  • Live preview
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Auto save
  • Powerful actions
  • Auto pair
  • Live find
  • Custom themes
  • HTML export
  • Enhanced CJK character support

Mou app's live preview

I’m guessing that, in the very near future, when Fletcher Penney’s MultiMarkdown Composer is released, many power users will opt for the combination of MMDComposer and the Marked App. Folks whose “focus needs more focus” will opt for a combination of Byword and Marked. Others, particularly bloggers and web developers, will opt for Mou because it’s fast, fun, easy and significantly because it’s donation ware, at least until it’s out of beta.

>> click here to visit the Mou website

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Andy Lima

Nice! Though I’m very happy with Sublime Text 2 as my text editor for everything — both writing and web development. I can’t live without features like multiple files in tabs, projects, sidebar with file browser, content structure / function browser… etc. In Mou, particularly impressive (from the screenshots) is the bigger font size for headings, right there in the markdown markup itself. Very nice touch! Frank, I’ve been meaning to ask you: what setup (theme, settings, snippets [if any]) are you using in Sublime Text 2? For now I’m just using the Cobalt theme, but I’m not in love… Read more »

Chen Luo

“Mou” in Chinese Pinyin pronunciation sounds “More” in English. 🙂

About Pinyin:

Andy Lima

Frank, thanks for the link. I’ll be trying out that theme soon…

Chen Luo — keep up the good work! 🙂

Chen Luo

Thanks Andy!