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I’ve been on a text editor, plain text and Markdown kick recently. Why is that? Quoting Brett Terpstra, Markdown is just such an “easy, fast, clean, portable, flexible workflow” for writing with plain text and outputting to HTML, PDF and LaTeX. Just yesterday I wrote about using Sublime Text and the Marked app.

Today, a nifty new application arrived at the Mac App Store. It’s called MarkdownNote for Mac OS.

“MarkdownNote makes it really easy to create notes using John Gruber’s popular Markdown markup language in your Mac or iPad. Using live preview feature, you can preview your Markdown markup syntax to HTML on writing. Sync your documents with, built into MarkdownNote for iOS and using the desktop client on Mac.”

It’s not going to replace Sublime Text and the Marked app in my workflow, but the implementation of a single widow design with instant live HTML preview is brilliant. A tip of my hat to Young Hoo Kim at Coding Robots.

Update (20111002): I also recommend checking out the new Mou app

Note: There’s also an iOS iPad version of MarkdownNote.

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