MobileMe – My Enterprise is Me

Will Apple’s MobileMe change everything? Clearly, that’s a ridiculous question, but the announcement of MobileMe has already changed the apps I’ll be using to manage my calendars contacts and email.

Background: CRM/contact/calender apps I’ve purchased for the PC (Act, FileMaker, GoldMine, Maximizer and Outlook) and Mac (Contactizer Pro, Daylite, FileMaker, Now Up to Date and Contact and SOHO Organizer). Email clients I’ve purchased for the PC (The Bat!, Eudora and Outlook) and Mac (Claris Emailer, Entourage, Eudora, Mailsmith, Opera mail, Outspring Mail, PowerMail, QuickMail and Thunderbird). Clearly, I’ve invested significant funds attempting to discover a communications system that works for me.

Going forward I’ll be using Apple MobileMe, Apple Address Book, Apple iCal, Apple Mail, BusySync, MailTemplate, Things and Things touch. Yes, it’s a simple solution, but it’s also surprisingly powerful! Multiple devices (iMac, iPhone and MacBook Pro) always in sync and my stuff is available everywhere I go. Mac OS X is a wonderful thing.