Mou App Evolving

Mou app icon

Mou app evolving rapidly: When I first wrote about Mou appthe missing Markdown editor for web developers, I was impressed by its "syntax highlighting, live preview and an impressive list of keyboard actions." That’s still the case, but Mou is evolving rapidly:

  • four new keyboard actions: Link, Image, Shift Line Left and Shift Line Right
  • new commands in View menu, "Left:Right = 2:1" and "Left:Right = 1:2"
  • Mou can now remember the scroll position in Live Preview
  • arbitrary extension support (Mou can now open Markdown documents with any extension and if no extension is provided, Mou will use ".md" by default when saving)
  • a new icon (pictured above).

Mou app window

Mou app:

  • is a Mac OS X application
  • currently supports Markdown, but not MultiMarkdown
  • does not remember window size and position (I work around this limitation by using Moom)
  • is donation-ware while in beta (people who donate during the beta will receive a free license when Mou 1.0 released)
  • is supported by a very responsive developer @chenluois

I’ve added Mou to my list of Best Lion Apps.

Update 20111022 – Additions:

  • word counter
  • remembers last opened window size and position
  • displays HTML source in live preview

This blog post was composed as a text file with Markdown syntax using Byword app and the Marked app.