Network Marketing has Potential but…

Hi, my name's Frank

“Hi my name’s Frank and I’m a network marketer.” Please see my update at the bottom of this post.

Anyone who has watched a little TV knows that first sentence sounds something like what alcoholics, apparently say at AA meetings. I hope I haven’t offended any alcoholics, if I have, I apologize.

Is network marketing an addiction? Probably not, but there are thousands of people who move from one company to another and then another and then… well, you get the idea. Why do they do that? I’m guessing it’s because there’s always hope that the next deal will live up to the dream.

What is the dream? Most of the time network marketing companies imply the dream is earning a huge pile of money and becoming financially independent.

Here’s a little of what I’ve learned:

  • company owners often get rich, that’s why billionaires are lining up to start network marketing companies
  • a few distributors in every company earn a lot of money
  • most companies tell essentially the same story and that story feels old and very tired
  • trainers, usually ex-networkers, are everywhere, flogging their wares to desperate, active networkers

If you’ve joined a network marketing company and haven’t experienced significant success, I’ll bet you’ve heard this line, “Mr. Heavy Hitter has the same products and pay plan you do, so the system clearly works; you must be the problem.” It’s usually worded more politely, but that’s what they mean, you know it, and so do I. The reality is that their system doesn’t really work, or at least it doesn’t deliver for the vast majority of distributors.

Most distributors spend far more than they ever earn. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way, we can do better; it is possible to develop a residual income.

What’s the solution? Well, you could give up on network marketing and move on, or redefine your dream, to something achievable like “I want to earn enough to make my credit card payments and then I’ll pay the damn things off.” Don’t buy the saying, “Small dreams have no magic,” because achievable dreams are magical and once you’ve achieved a small dream you can move on to something bigger. Please don’t start with, “I’d like to earn $100,000 per month.” Really, when was the last time you earned $100,000 per month?


  • look for a product people actually want, something you would buy even if you weren’t paid a commission
  • look for free websites
  • look for low cost of entry
  • look for corporate executives who understand International growth, we live in the Internet age and most of the world’s population lives outside of North America
  • look for a personable, educated, experienced owner who has done more in this industry than just earn big money as a distributor
  • look for a passionate, high integrity, supportive team
  • most importantly, look for a compensation plan that won’t be your biggest obstacle to financial success, a plan that rewards the little guy, we are all little guys, at least at the beginning.

I’ve already made my decision and I’ve chosen wisely, have a look, it might be the right fit for you too.

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Update 20111103: I’m no longer involved with network marketing.