Network Marketing – Passive Income – Residual Earnings

Picture this: A conversation between a wealthy network marketing industry veteran and someone new to MLM (Multi-Level Marketing).

Q: “How much money did you make in your first month of network marketing?”
A: “I have no idea, it’s been ten years and I’m still earning income as a direct result of my efforts during my first month in this business. Passive income often called residual earnings is one reason I’m a network marketer.”

calculator residual earnings


  1. You found a customer
  2. She later decided to become a distributor
  3. She found a couple of people who became distributors
  4. One of those people was/is amazing
  5. Her marketing efforts were duplicated and a huge organization was developed, wold-wide over the next decade.

Have you heard the ‘Penny Doubled Daily’ Story?

>> what happens when a penny is doubled daily?

Update 20111103: I’m no longer involved with network marketing.