Network Marketing Personal Website?

Q: Is it possible to do business in the 21st century without the Internet? More specifically, is it possible to promote your network marketing business without access to social networking and without a personal website?

For legal reasons, some network marketing companies won’t allow their distributors to have a personal website and that’s a real shame. Fortunately, forward-thinking companies realize that the vast majority of independent distributors will scrupulously avoid making income and health claims. These companies allow personal websites that have been pre-approved by corporate compliance.

Are you considering a network marketing personal website?

With regard to my personal website, I’m frequently asked questions like:

  • “Where did you order your domain name?”
  • “Who hosts your domain?”
  • “Are you using a WordPress theme for your blog?”

and other questions often related to website design.

Here’s a partial list of the resources I’m using:

GoDaddy ad
GoDaddy < = Domain names ICDSoft ad
ICDSoft < = Web hosting (I've used them for years) HostGator banner
HostGator < = Web hosting (frequently recommended by others) WordPress Logo
WordPress < = Blog StudioPress Genesis ad
Genesis < = WordPress theme framework RapidWeaver icon
RapidWeaver < = Web page design Pixelmator icon
Pixelmator < = Graphics Transmit icon
Transmit < = File transfer Note: HostGator, Genesis, GoDaddy and ICDSoft are affiliate links Update 20111104: I’m no longer involved with network marketing.