Network Marketing Profession

Q: What do you know about the network marketing profession?

If the little voice in your head just whispered, “It’s a scam, one of those pyramid things.” this article is for you.

I’m not a network marketing guru, I’m a retired medical doctor. I overcame my initial bias, tested the network marketing waters for years and only recently decided to become a network marketing professional. Notice that I didn’t write a professional who became a network marketer. Yes, I’m convinced there really is a network marketing profession.

Although a retired Doc’s opinion might not be very convincing, what if you heard about the network marketing profession from a Harvard Ph.D. in Business and Professor at UIC, Dr. Charles King.

“The Rise of Network Marketing As the Next Major Profession.”

Dr. King’s book ‘The New Professionals’:

Dr Charles King's book about the Network Marketing Profession

>> Watch a short Dr. King video

Update: I’m no longer involved with network marketing.