Network Marketing – Supplements or… ?

The network marketing industry attracts two distinct groups of people:

  1. those who like to market dietary supplements
  2. everyone else.

Unfortunately, supplements can be a tough sell, here’s why:

  • “I feel great, why do I need your stuff?”
  • “It’s expensive, I get my vitamins at… for only…”

This often leads to exaggerated benefit claims. Some supplement distributors resort to positioning themselves as health consultants and behave as if they’re offering the fountain of youth or even the cure for cancer. Understandably, that approach leads to big problems with government regulators.

All too frequently, even when a distributor finally lands a customer, that customer will stop ordering after a month or two. Most of the time you won’t know why they quit, but occasionally you’ll hear, “It was expensive and I really didn’t feel anything.”

In an attempt to develop a new stream of income, frustrated supplement marketers turn to travel deals and even magical, holographic discs.

What if there was a supplement that actually grabbed attention without you having to yell about it? What if almost everyone actually felt something significant within an hour of consuming a single, affordable capsule?

It’s like the key to a new world:

  • new customers
  • new team members

Interestingly, you’ll discover that some of your new folks engage, begin to explore other, more expensive products and start to believe they will finally be able to earn some income. At this stage, they will ask you, “How do I max out the pay plan?”

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Update 20111104: I’m no longer involved with network marketing.