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Notational Velocity is a Mac OS X application that “stores and retrieves notes.” nvALT is Brett Terpstra’s fork of that open source app.

The subhead on Brett Terpstra’s website reads, “I create elegant solutions to complex problems. Curious?” My curiosity was first aroused when Merlin Mann wrote, “Okay. I’m going to need to go ahead and change my pants now. Jee. Zuss. Christ. Love.” If Merlin was excited enough to wet or… himself, nvALT must be something very special.

My favourite/favorite things:

  • Widescreen (horizontal) note layout
  • Markdown/MultiMarkdown support with a Preview window
  • HTML source code tab in the Preview window for fast copy/paste to blogs
  • Full-screen editor with background/font colour/color customization (coming soon)
  • Markdown/Readability import for web pages (coming soon)

Instant preview is an amazing way to learn Markdown/MultiMardown.

nvALT is Nirvana for Mac Bloggers.

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I’ve added nvALT to my list of Essential Mac OS X Apps.

Example Markdown:

nvALT markdown