Steve Jobs: My Thanks

Steve Jobs Macworld cover

Steve Jobs recently wrote, “I love Apple so much and hope to be back as soon as I can.”

Steve Jobs: My Thanks

I love Apple too Steve and I hope the “good vibe” energy you’ve generated over your lifetime will now return to you magnified manyfold, enabling you to heal and return to Apple rejuvenated.

Background: I remember observing the joy my father experienced playing with a little HP computer that had a small white on black screen and a built in printer. I often scanned dad’s BYTE magazines, but personal computers didn’t really grab my attention until 1982 when I bought a NorthStar Advantage machine that ran CP/M. The NorthStar’s text and data handling were surprisingly good, but creating simple graphics was painful. That pain led to a jaw-dropping, Apple induced ‘Eureka’ moment when I first saw the Lisa at Computerworld in Vancouver.

Apple Lisa

One of the Computerworld sales guys realized how impressed I was, so he sat me down to watch a movie of Steve talking about great products. Unsurprisingly Steve listed many of my favourite things.

Steve Jobs = A Lifetime of FUN for Millions of People

Apple, NeXT and then back to Apple again, I followed Steve, it was clear to me that he had a tech vision that the rest of us lacked.

My thanks Steve, I’m not a traditional prayer sort of guy, but I am sending very positive energy your way. Be well and take care of yourself.

Update: Steve Jobs died at home 20111005 surrounded by his loving family.

The authorized biography ‘Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson’ will be available 24 October 2011.