TextMate 2 Emerges?

Q: Has TextMate 2 arrived?
A: Well, no, not yet, but there has been a very rare Macromates’ blog post:

There will be a public alpha release
this year, before Christmas, for registered users.


  • appeared October 2004
  • disappeared August 2008

Well, that’s not precisely correct because in June 2009 Allan Odgaard wrote a blog post to "assuage… concerns" and stated:

  • "Hopefully an alpha version will be ready before too long… TextMate 2 is no minor facelift"

and in January 2010 he said:

  • "the code base is nearing 50 KSLOC"

In its day TextMate verged on revolutionary and added a big dose of fun to the staid, Mac OS X text editor field. Will TextMate 2 be an app that is worthy of the wait? I hope so, I really hope it is. It would be wonderful if Allan Odgaard was able to hit another one out of the park.

Something about the TextMate 2 saga reminds me of ‘Finding Forrester’.

Finding Forrester video

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