Thank You Apple, G-Technology and Carbon Copy Cloner

G-Technology G-Drive and Carbon Copy Cloner icon

I ordered the first Intel iMac the day it was announced, back in January 2006. I turned it off when I travelled to Hawaii for my daughters wedding a year and a half ago, but other than that two week vacation my iMac was always powered up.

Last week I noticed that the default fonts in my browser and BBEdit had changed for no apparent reason. I decided it was time for a rare ‘Restart… ‘. Just before I clicked ‘Restart… ‘ I decided to click ‘Shut Down… ‘ instead, simply because the iMac had been running steadily for months and months. When I attempted to power-up again, there was a long delay and I could hear both a clicking sound and the hard drive attempting to spin-up over and over again.

“Crap,” my internal hard drive died.

Fortunately, because I use a combination of:

to backup, I was back in business, using my external G-Technology Q-Drive, in a matter of minutes. Hard drives fail and this one had been running 24/7 for 58 months.

A couple of days later, I decided to get a new iMac. After a quick trip to the Apple Store, my new iMac was brought to life with all of my data, apps and settings restored using OS X’s migration assistant.

Thank you Apple, G-Technology and Carbon Copy Cloner from a very grateful end user. What might have been an AARRGGHH, hair-pulling, few days, or worse, a complete data loss catastrophe was instead an opportunity to upgrade my computer technology without any data loss and very little time was wasted.

An ounce of prevention…