When I was a med student I enjoyed watching the engineering students play with their punch cards; for whatever reason, these crazy guys would curse and then throw piles of their cards in the air. They did it, for me, over and over and over again.

Later, I watched my father play with a little HP computer that sported a tiny black and white screen and a built-in thermal printer. I remember buying dad 16 K of RAM and a program called VisiCalc for Christmas.

My first personal computer was a North Star Advantage. It ran an OS called CP/M and had two large floppy drives. Shortly after buying it, I invested in an amazing 5 MB hard disc, that took almost an entire day to format.

My computing world changed forever when I saw the Apple Lisa demonstrated at a ComputerWorld store in Vancouver. My fascination with the Lisa was so obvious that one of the sales guys asked me if I would like to watch a Steve Jobs’ video. It was as if Steve understood exactly where I lived; I loved the great toys he mentioned!

Today, I play with a 20″ iMac and my wife plays with a PowerBook. Steve’s passion for great products is more evident than ever! BTW, speaking of great toys, have you seen the new iPod nano? Wow!

Imagine operating an international business, from the comfort of home, and all the while getting to play with some of the coolest toys ever. I know my dad would have been impressed.