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Q: VirusBarrier Antivirus Mac? What happened to Bitdefender? I purchased Bitdefender Antivirus Mac eleven days ago and posted about it just a couple of days ago; so, why am I writing about Intego VirusBarrier today?
A: With Bitdefender, a full-system malware scan takes forever and although that’s understandable once, I didn’t anticipate having to do the whole thing again a week later. Yes, I had clicked the preference to NOT rescan already scanned files, but it did it anyway. I suppose I could have scheduled full-system scans overnight, when I wasn’t using my Mac, or perhaps, Bitdefender support might have been helpful, but I decided to test VirusBarrier because I liked their pitch:

“You chose a Mac for a reason. So why choose security software from a Windows vendor? We are Mac experts creating products exclusively for Mac. …While makers of Windows antivirus have recently entered the Mac market, only Intego has been protecting Macs exclusively since 1997.”

  • easy to install, set up and use
  • fully optimized for OS X 10.7 (Lion)
  • won’t slow your Mac
  • doesn’t need to be deactivated when installing new apps
  • free 30-day trial

So far, so good, the initial full-system scan was much faster than Bitdefender was.

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Comment: I’m still hoping to find something as close to “set it and forget it” as possible. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Update (20120424): Things I’m liking about VirusBarrier:

  • it apparently offered protection from the Flashback/Flashfake Trojan long before the story broke
  • it’s a modern 64 bit app
  • real time, always-on, proactive, malware protection
  • useful network tools are built into the app
  • funky looking, but very functional, instrument panel, user interface
  • the app icon
  • Intego’s website
  • and most importantly, I haven’t noticed any obvious slowdown as a result of the real time protection.

Update (20120425): I completed an Intego support request and was both surprised and delighted when I received a thorough response less than an hour later.

Update (20120427): VirusBarrier X6 is excellent, Intego Security Barrier isn’t. Because I was so impressed with VirusBarrier X6, I decided to upgrade to Security Barrier. I was charged $49.95 even though the cost difference between the two programs is actually $30. Intego sales explained that this was because I was upgrading and to be fair to Intego, the upgrade added one year to my subscription. So, what did I get for $49.95?

Other than VirusBarrier, the only Security Barrier app I’m actually using is Personal Backup and it’s a nice program, but it isn’t worth $49.95. I’ve scheduled a nightly clone of my startup disk.

I tested FileGuard and was not at all impressed:

  • garish low resolution graphics
  • a bright red warning that “Your subscription expired” which I gather is a ‘cosmetic’ bug that will be removed in a future update
  • the app lost track of my safes when I placed them in my documents folder
  • right clicking on the desktop shortcut offered a ‘Settings’ option, but failed to launch FileGuard and FileGuard’s settings when clicked.

I deleted FileGuard and I’m now using the excellent DropDMG to create my encrypted disk images. FYI, I’ve also used Knox and Espionage, but I find DropDMG serves many different purposes. I’ve added my encrypted disk images to my VirusBarrier X6 list of trusted files so that they’re not scanned.

Gmail does a great job filtering spam, so I didn’t need and don’t use Personal Antispam.

My kids are grown, so I didn’t find Content Barrier useful either.

My recommendation is to stick with VirusBarrier, which is excellent.