WriteRoom, Dragon Dictate, TextMate = Blogging Nirvana

The last time I used the words Mac, blogging and Nirvana in the same article, I was singing the praises of nvALT. nvALT has tremendous potential, but development has slowed, at least for the moment. There are thousands of ways to author your WordPress blog posts, but I’ve recently created a workflow that’s fun and works well.

I lean back in my chair, start talking and marvel as Dragon Dictate transcribes my speech and makes my words magically appear on my iMac’s screen inside a WriteRoom document. WriteRoom’s full-screen, distraction-free writing environment works very nicely with Dragon Dictate.

WriteRoom Dragon Dictate

After my rough draft is dictated, I save a plain text file to Dropbox before I edit and add ‘Markdown’ within TextMate.

TextMate Markdown

The next step is to convert the Markdown file to HTML and paste it into WordPress. The final step is completing the WordPress SEO entries.

Mac OS X software specifics:

  • WriteRoom Plain Text Document 700 pixel full-screen window
  • Dragon Dictate with revolabs xTag wireless mic
  • TextMate ‘Made of Code’ theme and Fletcher Penny’s MultiMarkdown bundle.